Make Your Baby SMART! Use Infant Stimulation Prints!June 17, 2017June 17, 2017issybear

Every parent wants to give their child this best advantage possible. One of the ways you can do this is by directly stimulating your infant’s vision and brain as soon as they are born. This means that you will need to be deliberate in what you expose your baby to.

Babies are first fascinated by their mothers face and love to look at it. However, research has shown that in addition to mom’s face, babies are fascinated by high contrast images. When a baby is born they can only see black, white and shades of gray these are the colors that you should be using to stimulate visual as well as brain development. A few weeks after birth babies are also able to recognize red. This is why any good infant stimulation program should involve the colors black, white and red.

You may be wondering how you can expose your baby to these colors in order to develop visual and brain development. The answer lies in simply making sure these colors are readily available in your  baby’s environment. One of the best ways to do this is by using infant stimulation prints. Infant stimulation prints are convenient because they can be used anywhere and in many different ways.

Here are some ways you can use these prints:

  1. Frame them and hang them near your baby’s crib.
  2. Tack them on the wall.
  3. Create a line and hang them near wear baby sleeps or crawls.
  4. Laminate them and give them to baby as a toy.
  5. Print them on sturdy coverstock  paper and use them as flashcards.

This parent stuck the card on a walkway that they made. Others have stuck them to the inside of their baby’s cribs or print them on sturdy paper and hang them from mobiles.


These are just a few ways that you can use infant stimulation prints. It is up to you and what suits your baby and what your imagination can come up with.

Always make sure that your infant stimulation prints have some kind of repeated pattern like the ones that we have created below, these are available for instant download by clicking any of the images.

Part of the power infant stimulation prints in developing  the brain is the repeated designs. Baby’s find this fascinated and this helps to stimulate visual and brain development. The sooner you start training your child the more likely it is that they will not face any severe learning challenges as they grow older.