Painting activity for toddlersNovember 14, 2016August 15, 2017Simone


Keeping a toddler active and developing their mind is key. However, there are some cases when a parent is going to be at a loss as to what they can do for their toddler. This is when they should use some steps for preparing for a toddler painting activity. By using these steps it will be easy for the parents to get an activity together for the kids and know they are going to have a great time doing the activity, but also learn at the same time.

1. Prepare the materials that you will need for your toddler to do the painting activity. This is going to include finding paint that they can either use with a brush, if they are older or finger paints. You should also have newspaper or something else to protect the painting area. In addition to the paint, you need to make sure you get some type of medium for the kids to paint on. This is usually going to be paper, but if you want and if the kids are using brushes it may even be pieces of wood that they are painting.

2. Have water and other cleaning supplies ready in case their is a mess that the toddler creates. Although, any parent knows that a toddler never makes any messes at all.


3. Put the paints that you have gathered onto something separate like a pallet. By doing this you will still have paint left over after the activity, but if the toddler decides to mix the colors they will not ruin the entire paint set.

4. Allow the toddler to have fun painting. This is where you are going to take a step back and set your toddler down in front of the paper and paint and let them go to work. When you are letting your toddler do the painting you may want to provide them with a limited amount of guidance, but outside of that let their creative minds do the work.

5. Cleaning up the mess is the final step. As with any activity a toddler is involved in you will have a mess. However, this is the fun step because you can see the work that your toddler painting activity led to, but also know more about the beauty that your kids were able to provide for you. So this is definitely one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your toddler.