How to choose a pediatrician for your childNovember 14, 2016January 21, 2018Simone


Caring for your child will naturally be one of your biggest concerns, so let us talk a little about how you can choose a good pediatrician for your baby. Here is what to look out for when choosing your pediatrician:

• Find a doctor who has a nice personality and communication style.Finding a doctor that is patient and listens to all your concerns is very important. Try and start the search for selecting your pediatrician ahead of your baby’s birth.

• Ensure that that pediatrician’s office has a good staff – remember that your baby will spend time with nurses, medical assistants, and other support staff. When you go to the office look at how the place is set up.The atmosphere and way the staff dresses can be indicators of the type of place it is.


• Does he/she come recommended? One of the best ways of finding a good pediatrician is by talking to someone who has had first hand experience. Do you have close family or friends who have used a good pediatrician? Ask their advice.

• The location of the office may also be a factor – we live in busy and stressed times so if time is a factor make sure that the pediatrician’s office is fairly close by.

• Ask Questions on your first visit– this is the only way that you can “feel out” prospective doctors and see if their philosophies closely mirror your own.

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