Nursery Decor:Research Proven Ways To Make Your Baby BOY or GIRL SMART!November 7, 2016September 9, 2017Simone


DECORATE and EDUCATE– Our collection of art is designed to inspire and motivate your child. Exposure to the right works of art with the right colors and statements will improve and enhance your child mentally and emotionally.Immerse your child in the wonderful world of art by hanging these beautiful pieces in your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom. AVAILABLE as Matte Wall Posters at and Instant download printables.


                          20×16 and 16×20 ART IMMERSION PIECES

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This piece was specially crafted for nurseries in order to encourage infant visual stimulation with the colors RED (The first color baby sees) along with high contrast black and white shapes strategically placed to capture baby’s attention to improve vision and memory. It is 24 x 18 inches.

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